Everyday our marquees are being used for parties, weddings, sporting events, product launches and even temporary warehouses. They can be small or huge, simple or sophisticated. Whatever your requirements, we can professionally install anywhere you require.


We have three different kinds of marquees, depending on your requirements. Each one will be professionally installed and secured to the ground by weights or pins for your peace of mind. All of our marquees can be supplied with walls or without, it’s your choice. Whatever the event, we can provide the perfect temporary structure.



These are our smallest structures. They are steel framed with a peaked roof and come in two sizes, 3x3 metre and 3x6 metre. They are perfect for the backyard or when you need a quantity of small individual spaces such as market stalls. They can be free standing or joined together in rows. Economically priced and fast to install.

entry height  - x.x metres   centre height - x.x metres



Our medium sized solution, consisting of 6 metre wide, gabled spans spaced 3 metres apart.  We can build individual structures using multiple gables that are 6x6 metres, 6x9 metres and 6x12 metres. If you need more length, they can be joined together into one continuous structure. It is not uncommon for us to supply school sports carnivals with this type of marquee up to 60 metres long.

entry height  - x.x metres   centre height - x.x metres



Our top of the line, largest and most sophisticated marquees. They are available in three different widths, 6 metres, 9 metres and 12 metres.

The 6 and 9 metre wide marquees have a minimum length of 6 metres and an unlimited maximum length in multiples of 3 metres. They have two different length legs available giving an entry height of x.x or x.x metres. The 6 metre structure is x.x or x.x metres tall, depending on leg length, while the 9 metre structure is x.x or x.x metres tall.

The 12 metre wide structure has a minimum length of 10 metres with an unlimited maximum length in 5 metre multiples. It has a x.x metre high entry and is x.x metres tall.


All of our structure marquees can be supplied with clear or opaque walls as well as silk lining and fairy-lights.